Free Picasa Plug-In For Aperture


Since staring this blog, I've been playing more with Google's tools, and with that comes Google+ and Picasa. Just downloaded a free Picasa plug-in for Aperture 3 and at first glace it does just you'd expect. I was particularly happy that export presets are honored by the plug-in. You can grab the plug-in here, installation is simple. Once installed, pick the photos you want to export by selecting AperturePicasaPlugin under File --> Export:

From there, authentication to Picasa is simple. Via the plug-in, I was able to create a new Picasa album, select my export preset, and upload without ever leaving Aperture. My keywords, tags, location data and descriptions all translated to Picasa. Very nice!


The photos in my test are ones I took in Japan many years ago. The only annoyance I've found is having to explicitly select "Upload EXIF information" for each photo.