Introduction...Why This Blog

In January of 2011, my New Year's Resolution was to get a handle on my family's "digital life" - getting my virtual arms around the proliferation of digital files we'd generated over the past 10 years. There've been a few videos, but many more pictures. To that end I bought a Mac Pro and decided on Aperture 3 as my photo management software.

Why Aperture? I'm certainly a hobbyist and iPhoto may have been just fine, but the retouch features of Aperture really attracted me. Add to that the low price on the AppStore and it was a done deal.

Now, a little more than half a year in, I think I've gotten through the initial growing pains of defining my workflow. Everything from folder and project structure to keywording to ranking. And figured I may as well share some of my Aperture experiences. I'm in the midst of moving my photos from managed to referenced (I'll explain my reasons in another post), and my next post will be about that experience.

I'd also like to know about other sites for Aperture enthusiasts. I'm a follower of ApertureExpert, and have read other good things at Bob Rockefeller's blog and MacCreate's Aperture Users Network. What other resources do you use?