OnOne Perfect Effects 4 FREE Released

Layers for Aperture - for  FREE!

Layers for Aperture - for  FREE!

Great addition for Aperture users....layers! Don't let the name fool you. There's a layers component to Perfect Effects 4 too. Just installed it and it has both an Effects and a Layers plugin.

Wish I could dig in further right now. Looks like a lot more free effects than the prior free release. Thank you OnOne!


UPDATE: Got a few minutes to play around with Perfect Effect 4. Much smoother interface and loads of effects for a free product. Here's a before/after example - this is literally 4 to 5 minutes maximum of playing around (and most of that was exploring the various effects). 

Before: Many adjustments, including Perfect Effects 3


After: A few fiddles in Perfect Effects 4, with a texture and border thrown in for fun