Aperture, Safari, and Google+ Sharing

2012.12.29: For reasons unknown, the drag-and-drop to Safari isn't working (again). Most of what is below applies, but Step 3 becomes a seek into the Media Browser to select the image to share.

I've covered sharing to Google+ from Aperture before. I've waffled back and forth between exporting via the free Picasa plug-in for Aperture and drag-and-drop via Google+. In recent weeks, drag-and-drop sharing to Google+ started working with Safari.

I'm not sure precisely when, but it's working with Safari 6.0.2. And now that Safari is working, I've abandoned the Picasa export plugin. It's quicker for me, and the drag-and-drop method works equally well with Picasa. See the video for the demo. The quick steps are:

  1. In Aperture, select the photo(s) to share. If you've disabled previews, generate them
  2. In Google+, click Photos, Import Photos, and select the target album
  3. Drag the photos from Aperture to Google+
  4. Share!
  5. Lastly, if you don't maintain previews, delete the previews in Aperture

From the sharing I've done, if you have a "Caption" set for your photo in Aperture, that's automatically picked up by Google+. That's nice. And to ease generating and deleting previews, I use keyboard shortcuts for those operations. I've mapped Shift-Enter to generate previews and Control-Enter to delete previews.

I'm looking forward to seeing your photos on Google+.