Fast Aperture Import For Photos Locked/Flagged In-Camera

When I'm out shooting, I'll often review the in-camera images looking for obvious throwaways. You know the ones - the person is blinking, the shot is out of focus, highlights are completely blown, and so on. Sometimes I'll see a shot that I know I want to keep, so I'll lock the photo. I'm a Nikon shooter, so on my D7000 there's a button with a symbol of a key on it for that function. Other cameras may be different.

I discovered today that during import, Aperture can filter on just the photos that have been locked in camera. The option is in the File Types pane of the Import Settings. I see this coming in handy when there's a set of images you've flagged/locked in-camera you want to quickly get imported, processed, and shared.

There's some other handy options in the File Types pane as well, allowing you to hone in on photos, videos and/or audio files during the import process. Screen shots are below.

Select the File Types pane from the Import Settings pulldown

The File Types pane has many options to hone in on exactly the photos you want to import