Find Videos During Import in Aperture

File Types section of the Aperture Import pane

I've been warming up to using my DSLR to record videos. I still remand video processing to iMovie, but have started using Aperture to drag the videos off the camera. In a prior post, I'd highlighted the File Types pane of the import window, which provides the option to exclude video files.

This morning I wanted to import only video files. Alas, no option for that. But there is a quick way to find only videosThis works for the Nikon D7000. I'm assuming other cameras will work similarly. If they don't, I'm interested to hear about it in the comments.

  1. Switch the import view to the list mode using the icons at the bottom of the Aperture window.
  2. Sort the list by aperture. Doesn't matter if it's ascending or descending. Video files (at least on the D7000) don't capture aperture, focal length, ISO, etc. 
  3. Scroll to the bottom, all your video files are together. 

Video files have no lens information.