AppleScripts Updated for Aperture 3.4.5

With the release of Aperture 3.4.5, some of my AppleScripts need updating. I've gone through the upgrade to 3.4.5 on my mobile platform (no issues to report), and updated and tested my AppleScripts.

Why do the scripts need to change with a new Aperture version? Some of my scripts read the Aperture database directly, so I purposely limit support to versions of Aperture I've tested. Yes, an annoyance to update scripts with each Aperture release (for you and me). But, if a new release changes the layout of the Aperture database, the last thing I want is an unpredictable script to execute. Hopefully you'll agree. :)

Here's the scripts I've updated, along with links to the relevant blog posts:

The last script, Brush Mask Lift & Stamp, is purchasable for US$1.99. For those of you that have already purchased the script, the updated script is in your Inbox. And thank you again!