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Ocean Abstracts

Crashing Wave

Gentle Crest

I've been shooting at the ocean a lot in the last few weeks. When I head out to make photos, I'm in the zone of framing the grand landscape shot. Something that conveys the scope and space of the location. Foreground, middle-ground, background. And there's nothing wrong with that. I know I'll continue to make landscape photos and have a blast doing it.

However, on my last visit, I took more abstract images, too. Maybe not quite abstract - it's obvious these are photos of the ocean. The shapes are abstract. And the composition is certainly simplified. The two above are some I finished editing this week. I find these two photos calming, each in their own way. 

As I think back to when I took the photos, I'm not certain what possessed me to try this out ... but I'm intrigued. Partially because I don't know why I did what I did, and partially because I like the results. This is a pool of thought I need to swim in for a while.

If any of you create abstract photos, I'd appreciate your thoughts and advice. This is new territory for me.