Colorado Redux

It's a busy time of year and finding the time to go out for a shoot proves more difficult. But with a healthy library of photos to draw upon, it's a perfect time to revisit photos and reprocess them. Months, sometimes years have gone by, since I took the shot. I have new tools. My processing abilities have (hopefully) improved. My perspective as a photographer has certainly changed.

I took this photo in the early spring of 2012 in Estes Park, Colorado. The feel of the scene I still remember. The air was still crisp and cool, winter holding on with a last gasp. A storm threatened. The skies occasionally dropping a bit of rain. A lone tree stood fast, with almost an "I am still here" air to it. As a photographer, in 2012 I was just beginning to experiment with HDR. I took three bracketed shots, handheld, -2 to +2.

Estes Park, 2012: Initial Processing

Estes Park, 2012: Reprocessed, Dec 2013

The photo on the left is my original processing. The photo on right I did a couple of days ago. Different feels, different perspectives. I like them both, neither is more "correct" than the other. In my redux processing, I tried to convey a more "wintery" feel, desaturating the grass more, sharpening more for a crisper look. And I think I dealt with the haloing around the tree better (admittedly, I could spend more time here).

What do you think? Does one photo speak more to you than the other? Reasons why?