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Dealing With Window Glare

I'm 400 feet above San Diego. Although living here for 15+ years, it's the first time I've been on the observation deck of the downtown Hyatt. It's just after sunset - the blue hour. I'm all excited for a great view of the city and to grab a few photos. Except for ... (insert dramatic dun-dun-dun music here) ... Window Glare.

I was really bummed - but only for a minute. Luckily, it's winter. And for San Diego, that means we actually have to wear a jacket. :)

Using the window sill, I draped mine over the camera & tripod, and anchored it with my camera bag. An instant curtain that cut out virtually all the glare.

The difference in the results is striking! The next time you have no choice but to shoot through glass (happens all the time when traveling), drape a jacket or outer-shirt over your camera. It can salvage the shot.

Horrifying window glare

Horrifying window glare

Use a jacket or shirt as a makeshift curtain

Use a jacket or shirt as a makeshift curtain

Downtown San Diego