Bird Rock At Low Tide

Bird Rock, San Diego

I was super excited that low tide coincided with sunset this past weekend. And even better -  a partly cloudy forecast. As a triple bonus, this photo worked well for the Inspiration/Renewal theme of my weekly photo challenge for 2014. 

Along the rockier portions of San Diego's coastline, the landscape is wildly different as the tide ebbs and flows. A few weeks ago, I went to Bird Rock at high tide. At high tide, only the large arched rock is visible. Low tide is a different story. This shot is about 30 minutes before low tide. By the time the sun hit the horizon, you coudl walk to Bird Rock and not get wet.

The sky proved most interesting prior to sunset. The curling, wispy clouds felt as if they were chasing the sun off into the distance. As the sun dipped to the horizon, thicker clouds moved in, dulling the sky some. Yet the receding tide revealed even more rock formations, creating natural leading lines. But that's a photo for another day.