Fixing Composition In Post

Original Composition

Adjusted Composition In Post Processing

I took this shot outside of Taipei. I barely remember how I'd gotten there ... and I'm pretty sure this was taken through a car window as it drove along the river. I really like the dark silhouette of the boat against the misty mountain backdrop, with just a hint of a skyline at the foothills.

What I didn't like is where the boat was in the frame. Thankfully, the entire boat is captured - just barely. So, I decided to try and fix the composition in post with masking, layering and a touch of cloning. The rippling on the water came out a little different, but be honest. If I hadn't shown you the original image, you probably wouldn't have noticed, right? 

In a few days, I hope to put together a short video on how I did this using Aperture and Perfect Photo Suite 8.