A Quick Word on Aperture and OS X Yosemite

As we all know by now, Apple released OS X Yosemite yesterday. I have not upgraded yet. I want to, and I will. However, there are two projects I need to complete before I'm willing to (potentially) disrupt my systems and workflow. There's always kinks to work out with a new operating system.

Also, there is a new Aperture with Yosemite. Aperture 3.6. Zero features beyond compatibility with Yosemite, and not unexpected. What is interesting is the version number bump. That implies to me a library upgrade. New operating systems aside, any Aperture library upgrade needs to be taken with care.

I've written about Aperture upgrades in the past. A short recap on things to cover:

  • Research: Beyond Aperture, I need to check that my other photo plug-ins and applications are supported on Yosemite. I know the Perfect Photo Suite it ready for Yosemite. I still need to check if the Google Nik Collection needs an update.
  • Consolidate. I run Aperture on multiple machines. Some portions of my library are on a MacBook Pro for on-the-go work. Before I do the upgrade, I will bring all my work back into the main studio library.
  • Backup. This includes onsite and offsite backups. It should go without saying. The fact I have to say it speaks volumes. :)
  • Upgrade. If you're fortunate to have multiple Macs, start small. I'll upgrade my MacBook Pro first, and the test a smaller Aperture library out. Once the MacBook Pro has proven itself, I'll upgrade the studio. That's usually at most a week or two of a gap. I can't run "split brain" with Aperture 3.6 on the laptop and Aperture 3.5.1 in the studio. Any work done in 3.6 won't be able to merge into the studio until the move to 3.6.

If you run multiple, separate libraries, at some point you'll probably want to open each library with Aperture 3.6. If there is a library update, you'll want that to happen across all your libraries.

Have you upgraded to Yosemite already? Any issues with Aperture or other plug-ins?