Do You Know OOAK?


Do you OOAK? It sounds like the noise I make when I chimp :). But it's not a noise. OOAK stands for One Of A Kind Photography. The OOAK crew has been operating photo adventures for several years. They've recently launched a new app to help you find great photo spots around the world. I've been uploading some of my images to OOAK since they opened their doors to contributors.

The concept is similar to Stuck On Earth. And I use both apps, because each has strengths the other doesn't. What I like about Stuck On Earth is volume and coverage. It taps into Flickr to source images and you can find a photo for just about any spot on the planet. The downside is quality. A lot of what I find in Stuck On Earth aren't the inspiring photos I'm looking for. The curated collections are better, but then the coverage is lower.

OOAK has much smaller reach right now, but it makes up for that in quality photos. Contributors are vetted and submissions are curated. I have high hopes OOAK's base will grow in the next several months. The other thing that is very cool about OOAK is each photo is a mini guide for the location. Photos usually include logistics for reaching the location and shooting tips, too.

OOAK is a free app. iOS only now, Android coming in 2015.

And if you've got great photos of your hometown or anywhere in the world, consider contributing. I'm working hard to make sure San Diego is well represented on OOAK.