Aperture's Latest RAW Processing Resulting In Brighter Images For Nikon D7000

Heads up... if you've moved to Aperture 3.6, you'll have certainly noticed that some of your RAW images that existed in your library have the "This photo was adjusted using an earlier version of Apple's RAW processing" and the big ol' Reprocess button.

Coming straight out of the camera, the new RAW processing isn't a huge deal. And looking at these two pictures of the clouds, the new processing is alright. I actually like the softer, brighter treatment of the new processing.

Aperture 3.5.1 RAW Processing (Nikon D7000, straight from the camera)

Aperture 3.6 RAW Processing (Nikon D7000, straight from the camera)

These photos were taken with my Nikon D7000. The RAW processing in Aperture 3.6 is notably brighter than Aperture 3.5.1. The shift in the histogram in the above two images is obvious. All I did is click the Reprocess button. There's no other adjustments applied to the image. Interestingly, none of the images I've shot with my Nikon D70s ask for RAW reprocessing. It may be that camera is considered too old or that engine is already correct, hence the RAW engines haven't been updated.

What about an image with adjustments applied? If you've already made adjustments, I don't recommend hitting that Reprocess button. Or running Photos > Reprocess Originals on a set of selected photos. Bad idea.

For images you've already adjusted, you've got it where you want it - so keep it there. If an older RAW engine rendered the image darker, you probably adjusted it with exposure, enhance, curves, etc. to get the tones the way you want. Clicking Reprocess may shift your histogram significantly. You might not be happy. Observe:

Adjusted image in Aperture 3.5.1

Clicking the Reprocess button blows out highlights

See that shift in the histogram? Highlights. Blown. Way less cool than Mind. Blown.

If you really, really want to see how the new RAW engine treats your photo, use Photos > Duplicate Version and create a new version of your photo. You'll get a new version with all of your adjustments and processed with the new RAW engine. If you don't like the results, delete the version.  

What about your camera? Is Aperture 3.6 offering a RAW Reprocess button to you? How does it perform? Brighter? Darker? About the same? Remember to create new versions when experimenting.