My 10 Favorite (Mostly) Photography Podcasts

Following on the foot heels of yesterday's post about making time for photography, here's 10 of the podcasts I listen to regularly. I like each for different reasons, and all of them contribute to me as a photographer in some way, shape or form. They are listed in no particular order.

  1. This Week In Photo: I like this because Frederick Van Johnson keeps the conversations light and the topics current. I enjoy hearing the perspectives of other photographers on happenings in the photo world.
  2. TED Radio Hour: TED isn't photography related, however the ideas discussed are fascinating. And beyond the educational, I am often inspired by the talks and that translates into my photography.
  3. The Candid Frame: I just recently learned about this podcast, although it's been around for years. I really like how the topics are about photography and photographers - not gear. Ibarionex Perello is an excellent interviewer and asks very thought provoking questions.
  4. Tips From The Top Floor: Billed as the longest running podcast on the planet, host Chris Marquardt delivers entertaining and informative photo goodies. I find the photographic journey Chris is own resonates with my own.
  5. Improve Photography: I've been trying this podcast out for a month or so. Mostly good. Sometimes a little gear heavy, but that's made up for with solid Q&A sessions. And the hosts seem to be likable chaps.
  6. RAW Talk: Jared Polin's delivery style may take a little getting used to... amid the singing and the pop-culture tangents, true gems about photography are found. I really like how Jared tells it like it is. And I like his business acumen.
  7. TED Talks Art: This podcast has infrequent posts and are rarely about photography. When there is content, it's inspirational.
  8. The Art Of Photography: Ted Forbes has recently expanded his shows. His examination of one photographer's body of work remain my favorite broadcasts. They are an excellent way to be guided through the study of great photographs.
  9. TED Talks Audio: Another variant of the TED talks held around the world. These again are a source of inspiration for me. Less about photography, more about a creative kick in the pants.
  10. The Digital Story: The venerable Derrick Story's long running podcast. I pay more attention to the episodes that deliver photo tips, gloss over those about gear.

Few if any of the shows hit on landscape photography time and time again. And that's fine with me. The knowledge I gain about photography - even if not directly applicable to my particular style - do make me more well rounded. And occasionally, one of these "non-landscape" tips (if that such a thing) does surface as very useful in my photography.

Do you have a favorite not on my list? What inspiring or photography related podcasts do you listen to?