Sunrise Under Coronado Bridge

In the winter months, the sun rises in the southeast. From the Tidelands Park, the sun rises beneath the Coronado Bridge, one of the few times and places in San Diego for a sunrise over the water.

The winds were steady, making great streaks across the sky. The colors were very strange this morning... the blacks in the clouds aren't a processing artifact. They were that dark and it did sprinkle rain once or twice during the shoot.

I also took some video footage during this shoot. I'm working on another In The Field video and will post it soon. The holidays are a busy time of year... bear with me :)

Technical Details:
- Nikon D7000 w/ Nikkor 18-200mm @ 32mm
- Two exposures, 30sec each at f/11 and -1 EV
- Processed in onOne Perfect Layers and Effects