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A Grassy Meadow & A Little Live Edit Fun

Grassy Meadow, Santa Ysabel, California

Grassy Meadow, Santa Ysabel, California

I've wanted to do one of these "Live Edit" videos for a while. I like watching them from other photographers. And I always pick up a trick or two - whether it be a processing trick or simply seeing a photo in a different way - one I may have never considered.

I've been working through a bunch of photos from a drive out into east San Diego County. I'd classify these shots as "hunting party photos" - not exactly what I was after, not sure what' I'm exactly after, yet I feel there's something in there. This one caught my eye because of the natural leading line the land creates.

I spent about 15 minutes processing this photo using a combination of Aperture, Nik, and OnOne. The video is sped up considerably. No talking, just processing and a little background music.