The Sleeping Dragon At Swami's

The Sleeping Dragon | San Diego Gallery

I didn't notice this until processing ... this rock on Swami's Beach looks like it crawled out of the ocean to rest its head in a tide pool. San Diego's own Nessie!

This particular rock is very interesting. It takes on a lot of different shapes depending on what angle you approach from. I shot this a few months ago as more of a natural S-curve.

This was the beginning of an awesome sunrise last weekend. A good half hour or more before the sun began to rise, the light was low and a drag of the shutter was not an issue. No ND filters needed - and that's good since I don't have one for my wide angle lens. Another item on a growing wish list.

I took two long exposures, one for the sky and another for the foreground. Blended in the onOne suite and final touches in Aperture.