The Coronado Bridge

Coronado Bridge | San Diego Gallery

A prominent landmark in San Diego, the Coronado Bridge connects downtown with Coronado Island. Coronado isn't really an island, it's a peninsula. I don't know why we in San Diego refer to it as an island. But we do. Sometimes.

I usually shoot the bridge from the Coronado side. There's a dinghy landing near the bridge that offers some great foreground interest. On this morning, I changed things up a bit and shot from the San Diego side. As the forecast for partly cloudy skies couldn't have been farther off, I chose to use the pre-sunrise photos and play up those inky blue skies.

Technical notes:
- Nikon D7000
- Nikkor 18-70mm
- 135s exposure and 96s exposure (images blended)
- Aperture f/8
- Tiffen Polarizer
- ISO 100