Humming Along


There's something about my yard that hummingbirds love. I don't know what it is - and that's fine. They are a lot of fun to watch ... someday I'll catch one on film.

Each spring, I'll find a nest in one of my trees. This year, I found it early and the babies haven't hatched yet. To give you some perspective, the nest is roughly 2 in wide (~5 cm) and each egg is about the size of a jelly bean - a small jelly bean.

My whole family is having fun with this, checking in on the eggs every couple of days. Mother hummingbird is always nearby, and we are very careful not to disturb the nest, looking from a safe distance. Within a couple of weeks, two baby birds will share tiny nest together.

The last pair we named Yin and Yang because of the shape they made when nestled together. We haven't decided on names for this new pair. If you have an idea, drop a comment.