Countdown To Italy

Il Duomo, Florence, Italy

In just shy of a month I am off to Italy. I am very excited. I am so looking forward to introducing my children to some of favorite places and discovering new ones. I am not looking forward to long lines ... the one pictured below stretched well out of the frame. Here's to hoping that a springtime visit will quell the crowds.

Although this trip isn't a photo tour, I will certainly be taking a lot of photos. Looking back at my shots from a visit many years ago, I am eager to recapture Italy with what I hope is a better photographic eye. And I do plan to slip out for some sunrise photos while the rest of the family sleeps. If I behave, maybe the family will let me go off during an evening or two for the golden hour.

I am, however, very behind on planning. My travels aren't planned to the Nth degree, but I do sketch out a general idea of what each day will hold. For photography, I've only scoped out one true photo opportunity thus far. I gotta get crackin' on that. My goal is to come away from each city I visit with one keeper. If I over-achieve, so much the better.