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Thrilled To Be Part Of OnOne's Perfect Inspiration

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Last Night In Venice
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I'm a huge fan of OnOne's Perfect Photo Suite. I use the suite in a lot of my post-processing. It really speeds up stylization, which means more time for shooting! I like the software so much, I've done a few posts with tips and tricks with OnOne's products.

Well ... OnOne has been watching. They reached out to me a few weeks ago asking if I would do something for their site. Of course I said yes!

I'm thrilled to share that I've done a segment for their Perfect Inspiration series. Beyond being a lot of fun putting the video together, I have a very personal connection to Perfect Inspiration. I watched the series since it launched, and it is the main reason I incorporated the Perfect Photo Suite into my workflow. And now to be part of the series myself ... giddy as a kipper. Ok, well, maybe not that giddy. But pretty giddy.

Check it out at the OnOne Perfect Inspiration blog and watch me create the image above. And thanks again OnOne for having me.