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Rooftops In Florence

Tile Rooftops, Florence, Italy

Tile Rooftops, Florence, Italy

The climb up Giotto's Bell Tower in Florence isn't easy. It's not as difficult as climbing the St. Paul's Cathedral, or as arduous as doing the Eiffel Tower on foot (I won't do that one :). However your legs will feel it. The payoff – the view.

At the top of the tower you get the whole city. Sweeping vistas of the river Fiume, its bridges, and the Boboli Gardens beyond. A wonderful perspective of Il Duomo with the Tuscan hills in the distance. And more intimate and interesting views of the streets, alleys and architecture.

Here's a little tip. Go to the tower early. It opens before Il Duomo. Avoid the droves of tour groups that come in. You will have more of the tower to yourself and can enjoy the views with more elbow room.