Random Stuff, A Little Gear, A Little Teaser

Where's Scott been? My posts have been less frequent in the past week. However, with good reason. I've been burning the midnight oil finishing the update to Effective Aperture Workflow. It's nearly there! I won't spoil the new content, though I will say there's a new chapter and an additional 7-10 minutes of video content.

Completely unrelated, my friend and photographer Andrew Willard recommended the Eyelead Sensor Gel Stick cleaner. I received mine yesterday and it's a great little tool. I can clean my sensor mess-free at home for 1/2 the price of a professional cleaning. And still have enough kit for 9 more cleanings.

I cleaned my Nikon D7000 two nights ago and the results are fantastic. I am spending way less time with healing and retouch brushes now. I highly recommend Eyelead.

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