A Gray Morning at Ocean Beach

Hazy, gray mornings don't stop me from heading to the coastline and walking the beach as the sun "rises". Although the gloomy skies certainly change the mood of the photos I take. And I come away with a lot more black & whites.

Occasionally, I'll get surprised and what starts out as gray, lifeless skies grow more playful. Not necessarily more colorful. However, the textures of the clouds become more distinct and not just a never-ending gray wall of "blah". And yes, there are those rare days when the sun burns away the fog and nature gives you a glorious show.

Not this day.

Want a good seascape? Get wet.

The only color I found that morning.

The pier is great for viewing sunsets. On a gray day, it becomes the subject.

In a sense, the uniform – almost monotone palette – makes you think more about what it is you are shooting. The subject has to hold up on its own. There's no explosion of color or a dramatic sky to grab attention.

You have to find interesting subjects. Create the sense of motion in the frame. Convey a feeling. Or create tension. I think it's a good exercise for a landscape photographer – any photographer, really. Identify your subject. 

There are plenty of days I come away with nothing. There are days I put away the camera entirely. Regardless of the photos I do or don't take, I never regret taking the walk.