KelbyOne's Aperture to Lightroom Broadcast

Scott Kelby and Matt Kloskowski spent the better part of two hours talking about migrating from Aperture to Lightroom. The rebroadcast will be on KelbyOne in the near future I'm sure.

And they did the right thing by spending a lot of the time talking about how to move photos from Aperture/iPhoto into Lightroom and not the standard mapping of "Aperture calls it this, Lightroom calls it that" stuff. The challenge is moving what you have, not starting fresh and learning a new tool.

I think the migration procedures they lay out will work for many people. However, for those (like me) with more complex workflows and custom metadata, it's not as straightforward. Things like hierarchical keywords, stacks, color labels – not covered. Custom metadata fields? Not covered. And that's just a few.

As the weeks go on, more and more will come to light. During the broadcast, they mentioned Adobe is working on a migration script. It will be interesting to see what they produce.

The waiting is the hardest part...
Every day you see one more card...
— Tom Petty, The Waiting

I don't advocate switching yet. Keep doing your homework. Aperture still works today. It will work tomorrow. It will work in 2015. It will work until you move off of OS X Yosemite. There is no urgency to switch.

I'm being methodical. I'm researching. I need to wait to see what Photos produces. I want to make sure my workflow is as seamless as possible to whatever tool I end up using in 2015. As I continue to gather my thoughts on this, I'll do a larger post with lots of details. That will be several weeks from now – and still not be the end. Photos is my 3rd dimension which is months away.

I'm waiting. Man... Tom Petty had it right.