Deal Alert! Perfect Photo Suite 8.5 Summer Sale!

It's summer! My friends at onOne Software are running a fantastic promotion on Perfect Photo Suite 8.5. The details:

  • Perfect Photo Suite 8.5 ($129.95)
  • Creative Live Workshop Collection ($116)
  • Endless Summer Preset Pack ($40)
  • Light & Process eBook by Nicole S. Young ($10)

All for $99.95! There's also a bundled deal including the Premium edition of the suite for $149.95. Hurry though – this deal ends on June 26th.

The Perfect Photo Suite is an integral part of my post-processing workflow. It's fantastic. I can't say it more simply. I've been using the suite for years and it keeps getting better and better. The Dynamic Contrast filter alone is worth the price for me – yeah, it's that good.

I have also been leveraging Perfect Batch to quickly crank through sets of images to which I want to apply the same treatment. It is really speeding up my workflow and I never have to leave Aperture (this works for Lightroom, too).

Not convinced? You can also download a trial of the suite. I promise you – you won't be disappointed.