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Breaking My Photographic Slump

Overcast Morning in La Jolla, San Diego

Three weeks. That's about how long it'd been since I picked up my camera and took some pictures. Looking back, that's an eternity. Life happens, and sometimes in droves. I was on the road for several days, some medical events on the home front, the normal grind of life took a toll. When the weekend finally arrived, I couldn't pull myself out of bed for the sunrise shoots I normally so look forward to doing. An overwhelming feeling of "Meh."

I've certainly done photographic things during the last several weeks. I started writing a new eBook on post-processing, posted some training videos with onOne, and researched a tad more on my inevitable migration from Aperture. But no new photos. That's not good. I don't know anyone that gets into photography not to make pictures.

I promised myself this past weekend would be different. I kept my promise. An unusually cloudy morning added a nice touch to the seascape last Sunday. The inspiration is a little more juiced now. I need to find time tomorrow to shoot for The Patch, a weekly photo challenge I co-moderate on Google+. 

I also hit the road again this Sunday. This trip, I have already carved out time to go take some pictures.