The Adventures of Lego Man: Having Fun

The Lego Rave

Over at The Patch, a Google+ photo challenge community I help moderate, this month's theme is "Toy On Parade." The concept is simple. You choose a single toy to incorporate into each of your weekly shots. Each week has a different theme. This week – Having Fun.

Lego Man kicked up his heels this weekend, hosting a "rave" for all his Lego buddies. The challenging bit shooting this scene was trying to get some colored lighting for a dance club feel. My daughter and I scrounged the house and she came up with a toy that has flashing LEDs. We held the light above the characters just out of the frame and took several shots, casting the light on different characters.

The final image is several photos blended together in Perfect Layers so our "club lighting" spread throughout the scene. Another fun little weekend project.