The Adventures of Lego Man: Games

The Lego Murder Mystery

Over at The Patch, a Google+ photo challenge community I help moderate, this month's theme is "Toy On Parade." The concept is simple. You choose a single toy to incorporate into each of your weekly shots. Each week has a different theme. This week – Games.

Lego Man's darker side emerged this week. And the took the game of Clue all too seriously. It was Lego Man. In the Billiard Room. With the lead pipe.

Actually, I just couldn't pass up the fact that the lead pipe from them game fit into Lego Man's C-shaped hands. Toss a tuxedo on him, desaturate the photo a little, and boom – it's feeling like the 1950s. Clue is set in the 1950s, right? Or did I just watch the movie too many times?

Processed in Aperture, Perfect Effects and Perfect Black & White.