The Adventures of Lego Man: Work

Lego Man / Roadside Assistance

Over at The Patch, a Google+ photo challenge community I help moderate, the months theme is "Toy On Parade". The concept is simple. You choose a single toy to incorporate into each of your weekly photos. Each week has a different theme. This week – Work.

This week's shot continued as a father/daughter project. She and I worked out the concept last weekend and staged it in the garden yesterday. My daughter made the "trees" in the background – creative trimming of Sago palm branches to create a forest for our off-roading adventurer. I do wish I'd tilted Lego Man up just a bit more so his scowl of discontentment were more visible.

It was brutally hot in San Diego this past weekend. By the time we finished our 45 minutes of prep and shooting outside, we were ready to head back inside, grab cold drinks, and watch The Lego Movie. Yes, it was awesome.