Happy New Year! Resolutions Anyone?

2015 is upon us. It's the time we start thinking about new beginnings. "This is the year I'm gonna... " Fill in your resolution here.

I have exactly two resolutions for 2015.

  1. Shoot. This is the core of photography. Nothing is going to happen unless I pick up the camera, get out to a location, and shoot. It sounds so simple, but there are days it feels like the hardest thing to do. I've been good about shooting consistently in 2014. That's going to continue in 2015. I will shoot more this year. And by "more" I mean the act of going out and shooting. Not shoot more frames. 
  2. Be a better photographer. This one is pretty vague, I know. I don't have a firm idea what shape "better" will take. Are there technical aspects of photography I'd like to explore or improve upon? Sure. Although as I write this, what's more on my mind is seeing better, finding the strongest and/or unique compositions on a location, capturing the feeling of a place. For landscape photos, inciting the viewer to want to be at that location. Or, moving beyond the single frame and assembling many photos to tell a story of a location. I did a little of that with my Yosemite trip last year.

    Another spin on being a better photographer is sharing knowledge and exchanging ideas with other photographers. I share a lot through this site. I love doing it and I'll continue. However, sharing is largely a one-way street. I think having more exchanges will help me grow. Last year, I went on a couple of shoots with other photographers and the resulting conversations were great. I need to do more of that.  

That second resolution is going to be the challenging one. It's gonna be tough. I'm shy, a natural introvert. I draw energy from solitude. Despite my reservations, most of the time I'm glad when I go out and meet other photographers.

Here's an off the cuff idea... if you're local to San Diego, or going to be in the area, and want to meet up for a shoot, contact me. Fair warning... I typically shoot early in the morning, before sunrise. Bring caffeine. 

If you're not local, maybe I need an Ask Scott button on the site. I'm sure there's plenty of questions out there on things I'm not blogging about. Maybe I can help you become a better photographer as part of my journey to be a better photographer. What do you think?

Scott Davenport3 Comments