Irons In The Fire

Illuminated Jellyfish

This post has no point. It's a mental break. I'm juggling several photo projects and there's moments I need to pause, reassess, decide what needs to be worked on next. This is one of those moments. :-)

I'm finishing up a new book. I've started the outline for another one. I'm developing a training workshop, which I plan to get off the ground in the summer. I'm writing for PhotoApps.Expert again. I'm making In The Field and In Post videos. Cutting across all of that are the photos I take each week. Oh, and there's that pesky migration from Aperture to Lightroom waiting in the wings.

Projects overlap all the time. Generally it's a good thing. As I finish taking the last few photos I need for my current book, I work on the new projects. There are moments it can get a bit overwhelming. Too many irons in the fire. Can I keep them all hot? 

I'm not complaining. I chose to do each and every one of these things. I can also choose to stop. But I probably won't.

Like I said at the top – this post has no point. It a moment for me to pause..... Ok, moment over. 

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