3 Things That Excite Me About ON1 Photo RAW

ON1 Photo RAW is coming and ON1 was kind enough to let me tinker with an early build. I just recorded this video yesterday afternoon, showing a few of the things that have me excited for this new release. Photo RAW is a much more fluid processing experience than ON1 Photo 10 by far. They are:

  1. SPEED! The sliders are crazy smooth. And jumping between the Develop and Effects modules is instantaneous. They may as well not be separate modules.
  2. Adjust Anything At Anytime: ON1 calls this "Mid-Stack" editing. I call it greatness. In Photo RAW, you no longer need to disable filters higher in the stack to adjust a filter previously applied. Move any slider, anytime and see the results right away. And, do this in either the Develop or Effects module.
  3. UI Improvements: The small tweaks are sometimes the best. I like the changes in the Color Enhancer and how Curves is front and center in the Develop module.

And oh yeah, it's non-destructive. And uses the GPU. And takes less memory. Hey... I just picked three, ok! :-)

Take a few minutes and check out the video. Once the software is out, I'll be adding new tips and tricks to my ON1 Learning Center.