5 Things I Want In ON1 Photo 10

ON1 Photo 10 is released now and I'm loving it. I shared my Photo 10 review with you a few weeks ago. It has been stable for me and much more performant than 9.5.1. Yet, I'm a consumer. I want more.

Filter Stack I have

Filter Stack I want

Here's 5 things I want in ON1 Photo.

  1. Filter Stack UI Tweaks: I don't like all of the changes made to the filter stack in Photo 10. When a filter is collapsed, I still want to see the mask icon and the trash can. This is especially important when applying presets. Presets are a starting point for post processing and sometimes we don't want every filter. I want to be able to delete a filter from the collapsed stack (not just disable it, delete it).

    Many presets contain masking bugs, too. In my world of landscape photography, it's usually for darkening or tinting skies. Applying a preset that has a mask is usually obvious -  a segment of your image is darker/lighter/contrast-ier. You have to hunt filter by filter to find which has the mask you want to tweak or remove (unless it's an Adjustable Gradient, in which case it is kinda obvious :). Please, please put the mask icon in the collapsed view so I can see it right away.
  2. Auto Align Layers: This should have been in Photo 10... Suite 9.5 really. Now, I usually use a tripod, so alignment isn't critical. However, there are times when I'll shoot handheld and bracket to capture the dynamic range of a scene. For all but the simplest alignment jobs, I have to bounce out to Photoshop just to align the layers. It's extra steps I'd like to avoid.
  3. More Luminosity Masks: I love how ON1 has made creating a luminosity mask easy. It's great. What I want are more variants for the masks we can create. The base grayscale conversion isn't always well suited to the kind of mask I want.

    Give me the base option. And more options like darks, super darks, ultra-mega-darks... and the corresponding choices for the highlights. Keep it easy to access, maybe an additional submenu in the existing menus.
  4. Better Preset Management: Managing presets in Effects is, well, a chore. It's theoretically possible, but a royal pain. The mathematician in me considers the current preset management asymptotically approaching useless. Editing preset info is cumbersome and usually I have to apply the preset first vs. quickly access the metadata. All I want to do is add my name and website info!

    Organizing into categories after you've created a preset... ugh. I like to store my presets in a "sandbox" until I have a grouping that makes sense. The simplest way to do that now is to bounce out of ON1 and use the Finder/Explorer and rearrange files. If you're not careful, you can break stuff (ex: categories can only be one folder level deep).

    My idea... bake preset management into Browse. Browse already has the facilities for creating folders, moving files, and so on. Bring back the button or menu path to jump to My Extras. Add a little smarts so nested categories (folders) aren't made in the extras area, or just remove that restriction. Teach Browse to recognize a selected file is a preset and put the preset info in the metadata panels on the right side. Preset metadata can be edited right there. 
  5. Color Picker in the Color Enhancer: I love the Color Enhancer. I'm also lazy. I want to spend less time deciding if something is red or orange and more time fine tuning a color. Add a color picker to the Color Enhancer filter that automatically selects the right color channel. Or, add a crosshairs options a la the Black & White filter. I can click on a color and drag left or right to change saturation. Add in Command/Control/Option keys to change brightness or hue, too.

What feature do you want in ON1 Photo 10? Share them in the comments below. Let's let ON1 know what features will make us even happier.