A Wee Bit of a Website Face Lift

For those that have been repeat visitors, you'll have notice some subtle (and some not-no-subtle) changes to the site. On the subtle side, a few font changes, minor tweaks to spacing, and some wording changes on a few of the seldom visited corners of the site (like the About page).

On the not-so-subtle side, I reorganized the entire store front, grouping all my products in a way that (I hope) makes them easier to quicker to reach. The same with the blog. The last dozen posts are now more prominently, and more concisely, displayed. Less scrolling for visitors. I think that's goodness.

Lastly, a bit of a logo. I finally got around to exploring Squarespace's Logo product. It's neat, tidy, and easy to use (and you don't need to be a Squarespace customer to tinker with it). I'm somewhat of a minimalist at heart, and the simple images included suit me very well.

I thought about the tag line quite a bit. Photography – Education – Fun.

Of course there's going to be photography here (that's why you stopped by, right?). I also found I really enjoy the education aspect of photography – I've always enjoyed teaching, actually. So why not put that front and center? And lastly, my photo journey is for fun. That's the whole reason I started making photography. And I hope that fun translates to the site, my videos, and my products.

I'm always open to suggestions to make this site easier to navigate. If you've got a thought about it, let me know!