Combining Presets With Layers In ON1 Photo RAW

Using a layered workflow in ON1 Photo RAW is a flexible way to edit your photos. Easily stack different presets and use layer masks to limit a set of filters to select elements in your image. I’ll show you how to make layers a part of your workflow.

Otter Cliffs Acadia National Park

A summary of this workflow:

  1. Identify the main elements in your scene. In my example, I have two items, the cliffs and the sky.

  2. Duplicate your image so you have a layer per element. In my example, I have two layers.

  3. Browse your ON1 presets for ones that look good for a certain elements. Apply one preset per layer.

  4. Use the masking tools to limit the layer’s effects to the element you want to accentuate.

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