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Dusk In Lagos

I take a lot of photos of clouds. Not as a backdrop or a highlight of a scene... closeups of the clouds themselves. Anytime I see clouds that look interesting. Over the years, this habit has added up to a healthy collection of cloud pictures.

Initially, I started my cloud collection with thoughts of having plenty of options to replace boring skies. As time moved on, I found beauty in the more "mundane" cloud patterns. No splashes of color or the fiery glow of golden hour. If a sky has character, texture, depth – I take a photo. 

Recently, I've been playing with clouds, blending them as textures (and sometimes with textures) into empty skies. I think the effect suited this photo well. This night in Lagos, Portugal was clear and blue... not a wisp of a cloud in the sky. Certainly not reality, definitely an artistic expression.