Free Guide To Migrating From Aperture To Lightroom

The guide is free. All contents provided as-is.

My preparations for migrating from Aperture to Lightroom are complete. I've run my process against many test libraries and it's holding up well. And I'm sharing them with you, for free, in the oh-so-creatively named book Migrating From Aperture To Lightroom.

Why the book? It started as a crib sheet for myself and it kept growing, so I added screen shots and turned it into a book. Well, it's more a "field guide" I suppose. I don't believe there's a one-size-fits-all migration for anything as complex and customizable as an asset manager like Aperture. The more perspectives you have when you migrate from Aperture, the smoother your migration should go. I can provide one of those perspectives.

Why am I migrating manually? Short version, Adobe's tools didn't satisfy all of my needs and left me with a lot of post-migration cleanup... more than if I take the do-it-yourself approach. Longer version... read the book. :-)

Why Lightroom? Read the other posts on my blog about that.

If you're moving from Aperture to Capture One, I think there's still some value for you in this guide. About 60% of the book is preparing Aperture for export. I've also included some AppleScripts I've written to carry over as much metadata as I can squeeze in.

I do ask if you download it, please subscribe to my mailing list and checkout. No spam, I promise. A monthly newsletter and occasional product announcements.

Good luck your migration. See you on the other side.