Friday's Brain Droppings

It's been a mish-mash of a week. And the result is a mish-mash of a blog post.  I've been thrashing among several little things this week. That happens. Although... I did get out for two shoots this week. I think I'm getting over my winter slump. (And yes, I recognize the irony because "winter" in San Diego is child's play compared to the rest of North America).

I do feel that the thrashing is settling down, which is good. There are some mid-term projects I want to spend more time on.


Launching the workshops has certainly taken a bunch of time. It's exciting, lots of nervous energy, and a lot of new ground for me and my photography.

There are several spaces available for the San Diego Coastlines workshop at the end of April. If you've been thinking about joining, sign up! It'd be great to meet you, and San Diego is a great city.

I did carve out a little time to do some writing this week. I've started in earnest on a new workflow book. When I think about the photography products that are out there (my own included), there's a lot of focus on the camera/field/studio work and a heck-ton on post-processing. Even within the end-to-end experience type products (my own included), there's less attention paid to a cohesive strategy to organizing your photos. 

Aperture is squarely in my rearview mirror. The new book is all about Lightroom and how I use it to manage my photo assets. I was hoping to finish this book in the spring, but if I'm honest with myself, it'll be more like early summer. 



Recall a couple of weeks ago when ON1 released Photo 10.1? A feature touted in the press release was a "new color management system". I'm not a big color management guy. I don't do my own printing. I occasionally (i.e. not as often as the software tells me) color calibrate my monitors. Yet the mention of it intrigued me. Is there some tweak or preference I should consider?

I asked my friends at ON1 for more details. Long story short... it's internal, under the covers improvements to their color management system. Evidently, ON1 has done some unification of their system across platforms. That's good... if the software is easier to maintain, it means more time for new features that you can I can consume. Also, that's probably upside for any photo houses that pass files between Windows and Mac systems. I'll also guess it'll make future feature development in the color space easier. A guess. I don't know that will happen.

All that being said... I don't think it was the best choice to put "color management system" as a feature in the 10.1 press release. When I read these releases, I'm looking for new features I can take advantage of. Stuff that gives me new options for post processing, something that improves the user experience, something that streamlines my workflow. About the only under-the-hood improvement I'm interested in is a performance boost – because it's user visible. If there was an immediate problem solved with the color management system, that'd have been good to include (or at least have supporting info about in an ON1 blog post).