Gearing Up For Northern California

Muir Beach Overlook

I haven't been to Northern California in much of a photographic capacity since I filmed Making The Shot: Marin Headlands over a year ago. My California friends that live closer to the Oregon border will balk at me using "Northern California" here, but it is well north for me!

Tomorrow, I'm heading to Sonoma county for a landscape workshop. I am so much looking forward to immersing myself in photography again for a few days. However, I'm not teaching. I'll be a student. I'm attending Derrick Story's landscape workshop, The Northern CA Coast Tour. It is, in fact, the first workshop I'll attend as a student. 

I've been a fan of Derrick's for years now, harking back to the Aperture days. As my photography has grown, my appreciation for Derrick's style, both as a photographer and as an educator, has equally grown. If you're not already a listener to his weekly podcast The Digital Story, it's well worth checking out.

So... if you notice me slow down on social media and replies to questions, now you know why. I'll be hiking about with the camera gear in tow. Making great photos, making new friends... I simply can't wait to get started.