Get A $20 Discount On ON1 Resize In September

Short on time? Here is the executive summary: ON1 Resize 2017 is now available as a standalone product. It is on sale for $59.99 the rest of September 2017. That's $20 off list price. Nice.

Resize is the industry standard for resizing photos for gigantic prints. If you already own ON1 Photo RAW - you've already got Resize!

Large prints from my older 6MP photos. Thanks ON1 Resize!

Large prints from my older 6MP photos. Thanks ON1 Resize!

The Resize product is woven into the very fabric of ON1. It's been a core product going back more than a decade now. Resize simply does amazing things enlarging photos. It maintains sharpness and detail. It creates gallery wraps. It has options for tiled prints. It's fast! There is a reason it is one of the most sought after products from ON1. 

I have used Resize to enlarge 6 megapixel photos from my old Nikon D70s and make 20x30 canvas prints. From a measly 6MP to a great looking, big ol' print in a few clicks. And the prints look great on my living room wall! 

ON1 Resize 2017 is available as its own product. I'm a super-happy customer of ON1's full complement of software, and have been for years. If you're not using ON1 Photo RAW (and why not check it out, there is a free trial!), you can enjoy ON1 Resize as a standalone product. And yes, it also works as a plug-in to Lightroom and Photoshop.

Want more? ON1 Resize also comes with ON1's Browse module. Super fast photo browsing. Metadata access. Create albums to organize your photos. With ON1 Resize, you're really getting two products in one. Browse is an excellent choice to quickly cull, tag and rate photos from a shoot without a lengthy import process. All the details are on the ON1 Resize page.

I hope you'll check it out. ON1 Resize 2017 for $59.99 in September 2017.

Scott Davenport2 Comments