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Have You Shot In Spain Or Portugal? What Are Your Favorite Spots?

In a few weeks I'll be visiting Spain and Portugal. I'm looking forward to it for a number of reasons. First and foremost, it'll be nice to relax and build some great memories with my family. Also, I've not been to either Spain or Portugal before. And of course I'm excited about the photo opportunities.

I'm already into scouring my favorite photo sources for shooting ideas. I'm sure a lot will be in-the-moment shooting as I wander through cities. I am trying to map out a planned shot for each day of the trip... but there's only so much photo shoot family-dragging I can do. :-)

I'm still working the details of the itinerary. The cities I'm pretty sure I'll be in are:

- Spain: Barcelona, Madrid, Granada, Seville
- Portugal: Lagos, Lisbon, Aviero

So... if you live in or have spent time in Spain or Portugal, can you help me out? What are your favorite photo spots? Good spots for sunrise? Twilight? Night time shots? Please, please leave a comment or contact me.