I Am Loving Aurora HDR's Effects

Burst At Bird Rock

I don't do a lot of HDR. Little to none these days. I am absolutely loving Aurora HDR's glow effects. This photo isn't an HDR either, it's a single frame. I used Aurora HDR as a finishing tool for this photo. 

If you're thinking about adding Aurora HDR to your toolkit, go for it. It's a great piece of software and I'm having lots of fun with it. I need to get a video up on Aurora HDR soon. Probably after I return from Oregon, so hang in there for a few weeks.  

This is a shot from Bird Rock in San Diego. An extreme low tide revealed a lot of the rock formations that are normally hidden. I was able to get up on a perch I'd not been able to reach before. I grabbed some video footage, too. Watch for that coming to a future In The Field episode.

Technical Details:
- Sony A7R w/ FE 16-35mm F/4 ZA OSS
- f/16 @ 19mm, 0.6 sec, ISO 100
- Processed in Lightroom and Aurora HDR