Initial Thoughts on The Everyday Messenger Bag

The internet photo world is abuzz with Peak Design's new Everyday Messenger Bag, designed in partnership with Trey Ratcliff. 

One of my Facebook friends, Wing, asked me what my thoughts on the bag were. I hadn't watched the promo yet. I'm not in the market for a new bag. I picked up a ThinkTank bag a few months ago that I'm happy with. 

But he asked. I sometimes can't resist a question, so I watched the spot, read the kickstarter page, and examined the photos. It looks to be a very solid bag. Well constructed, very nice styling... I really like the Heritage Tan coloring. And I like a bandolier style bag, too. That's great for photo walks, urban settings, anytime you're going to be shooting a lot while on the move vs. hiking to a location and then setting up for the shoot.

There's only one potential drawback I see – and I'll repeat potential... it's hard to tell for sure from the imagery available. From the videos and photos, it seems there's a tradeoff between lenses and bodies. As best I can tell, the bag accommodates one camera body and three lenses (with one lens attached to the body). If you need to carry a second body, you have to leave a lens behind. Maybe you could have a second body attached to one of the lenses... but that may get crowded.

There's also this "Capture attachment point" add-on where you can hang a camera on the outside of the bag for each access. This kinda scares me some. Easy access for me... and easy access for thieves. Having just returned from trips through several crowded European cities, guarding against pickpockets is on my mind. And for inclement weather, hanging a camera in the open isn't an option. And it probably would work with my Really Right Stuff L-bracket attached to my camera body.

Nevertheless, all indicators is that the Everyday Messenger is a very solid piece of apparel. Peak has put a lot of thought into the design. If you haven't watched the promo spot or read up on it, check out the kickstarter campaign. A lot of good information. As with any equipment purchase, keep your shooting style in mind when making decisions.