New eBook! Luminar Essentials

Screen Shot 2019-03-30 at 2.58.50 PM.jpg

I am very happy to announce my new eBook Luminar Essentials. This 240+ book covers every feature, every option, and every filter in Luminar 3. Everything you need to know about Luminar is all in one place. This is the book to have to get the most out of Luminar 3.

  • Managing photos with catalogs and albums? Check.

  • Quick edits with Luminar Looks and the AI-powered filters? Yup.

  • Hand crafted photo editing using Luminar’s 50+ filters? Definitely.

  • What about photo retouching? You bet.

  • Advanced editing techniques like masking and layered workflow? Absolutely.

The book also has 12 exercises to reinforce the main ideas of each chapter. Practice exercises are included with your purchase, so you can follow along step by step with the book.

If you’re already using Luminar, I hope you’ll check it out. I also have free tutorials in my Luminar Learning Center.