New ON1 Books Are Coming In January

Scott Davenport ON1 Photo RAW Essentials 1024px Coming Soon.jpg

I have had an incredibly productive weekend! I've been working on an update to ON1 Photo RAW Essentials. This ebook tells you everything you need to know to get the most out of ON1 Photo RAW. It continues to be one of my most popular books. Photo RAW 2018 added several new features and interface refinements. So, the book is due for a refresh. And the new edition is nearly complete

My desktop; doing the final proofreading for the 3rd Edition of ON1 Photo RAW Essentials.

My desktop; doing the final proofreading for the 3rd Edition of ON1 Photo RAW Essentials.

I'll have the 3rd Edition ready in early January 2018. I have one more round of proofreading to go... and I must admit it is hard to read and re-read your own material to catch mistakes. I find that I have to read it out loud to myself so I don't skim paragraphs that have become very familiar.

The most common comments I get with a book update are:

  • Is this a free update? No, but current owners will get a very healthy discount. Photo RAW 2018 added a bunch of new features (panoramas, HDR, new masking controls... just to name a few), so there was a lot of new content to add to the book. I've also added several new exercises to reinforce the core concepts.
  • Oh no! I just bought the current edition. Don't worry. If you bought the 2nd edition recently, you'll get a free update to the 3rd edition.

So... for those that already have this book, keep your eyes on your inbox. I'll be sending you an email with the details on how to move to 3rd Edition when I publish it.

And if you've read this far, and are very observant, you're thinking "Hey Scott... your post title says 'books' (plural). So... ?". Yes, that's right. I have another ON1 book in the works, too. It's a new book in the Take 5 series. It's start-to-finish processing of 5 photos completely done in ON1 Photo RAW. I'm earlier in the writing process for that one, so no screenshots or book covers just yet. It's on track for January, though!