New Projects And Unsuccessful Shoots

I have spent a lot of time since mid-February preparing for upcoming workshops and launching new ones for late 2017. I'm finally starting to come up for air. The first San Diego Coastlines workshop is just around the corner. Also, the new workshops are launched and registration opens soon.

Amid workshops, the current projects are flowing nicely. It's tons of fun coaching in ON1 Plus It's such an open and inviting community. I'm also putting the finishing touches on a few new educational and processing products - watch for those coming in April.

In between, I've tried to squeeze in a few shoots. As workshop season approaches, I always like to visit all the potential locations at least once. The beach and coastline are always changing, The last thing any good workshop instructor wants to do is bring students to a location that's turned unshootable. I'm happy to report the San Diego coast is looking as great as ever.

Unfortunately for me, most of my actual shoots have been "unsuccessful". That's probably too strong of a word. The weather didn't meet my expectations - and I know well enough that I'm not somehow entitled to what I expect. There have been plenty of great sunset days in San Diego recently - most of which I've enjoyed through a studio window. But when I get out there... let's just say Mother Nature has a sense of humor. :-)  The ultimate was last weekend where conditions were so bad, the camera never came out. Watch for a chat about that "shoot" (if I can call it that) on In The Field later this month.

Despite it all, I can't wait to get out with the camera again. I'm really looking forward to the workshop next week. The way I figure it, karma is on my side. I've had several ho-hum outings recently, so when my workshop rolls around, we'll get great conditions!