ON1 Photo 10 - Masking An Effects Preset

ON1 Photo 10 is coming, and ON1 is giving us glimpses into the new features. Here's one I think is very slick. Here's the scenario... you have an Effects preset you want to apply to part of your image. In Suite 9, you have two choices:

  • Apply the preset, do the masking on one of the filters, then copy/paste the mask to all the other filters
  • Apply the preset, drop back to layers, and do your masking there (and only if you're using simple layers... but we don't use those now, do we? :)

With ON1 Photo 10, Effects now has a masking option as part of the overall settings. Mask the entire effect with a single mask, in Effects. Streamlining workflow. Love it.

Best explained in a video... Here's Dan over at ON1 doin' his thang....